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We test any U.S. address to determine if it has the locational qualities that many buyers seek: low traffic, high-performing schools, and low crime rates. Real estate agents get more listings by including our exclusive certificate and other services in their marketing pitch.

It helps all buyers of any budget find their perfect home while helping sellers get the best possible terms by standing apart from competitive listings.

Test Addresses for free

How It Works

Enter any U.S. address into our online tool (FREE!) and it will be tested for traffic and performance levels of various public services. If it passes the test, you can certify the address to get a print-ready and digital certificate (see one) and access to all of our marketing services (see below).

Test addresses

Test unlimited addresses for FREE! Results are shown in about 15 seconds.

If the address passes, certify it!

You can buy a printable certificate that includes a web link and badged photo (see one).

Selling your house?

Use us to attract more buyers and negotiate better terms. Consider adding our special yard sign (see one).


What else do I get?

  • A print-ready certificate that reminds visitors of the desirable location of your home (see one)
  • A live webpage of the certificate to share on social media
  • A branded image of your property to use in MLS uploads and print
  • Posting to Location Certified social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Unlimited use of our logo and branding to help your home stand out on the basis of its desirable location
  • Right to use a Location Certified yard sign (see one).

    Location Certified is the only Fair Housing Safe way to promote the quality of a home's location.


    Get more listings

    Sellers want their home to stand apart from others. Use Location Certified for the strongest marketing proposal


    Increase the value of your property

    Location Certified identifies your home as having met a rigorous set of location-based criteria about which buyers care deeply


    Enhance the visibility of your home

    You get a certificate (online and printable) and other assets to use in your property marketing


    Be more efficient

    Sell your home faster because Location Certified identifies the location qualities that buyers care about


    Stand apart

    Leverage this powerful and unique service to present your home in the best possible way


    We promote you

    We are a listing-enhancement service that enhances you and your property. We are not a real estate agency and do not collect and sell leads

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    It is completely free to test an unlimited number of addresses. Give it a try!

    For addresses that qualify, you can buy a printable certificate for a $10 one-time, non-recurring service fee (see one). Included is a free webpage that shows your certificate.
    If you are selling your home, yard signs are also available to help your home stand out (see one).


    Still have questions? Inquire here.